October 8, 2010

So much talk about the 3RD FORCE lately. Yet, the country does not need more political parties nor politicians. We need more from the rakyat who are willing to be part of the change/reform that is happening in Malaysia.

The TSUNAMI 2008 has created a SPACE that Malaysian Civil Society can and should respond. DSAI came from a Civil Society background till TDM roped him into politics. DSAI sees the relevance of CIVIL SOCIETY playing a part to Build A NEW MALAYSIA. Since Badawi, there has also been invitations for Civil Society to participate in programmes to uplift the rakyat in various sectors. Business communities, Professionals and Academicians can and should work in their respective spheres of expertise and influence to upgrade the level of competency among the wakil rakyat offices to deliver progressive and development programmes for the rakyat.
The ministries, state ministers (excos), wakil rakyat have access to budgets for programmes for the rakyat. Poverty eradication, youth development, community services and commmunity development programmes and events to build solidarity and unity, business development programmes for SMEs-SMIs, programmes for single-mothers, the marginalised and numerious other budgets are available for civil society to tap by working together with the various bodies.
THE 3RD FORCE must not be a political entity but an ENABLING, EMPOWERMENT VEHICLE for Growth & Development for the various sectors of society.
Engage with the Federal & State Excos, Wakil Rakyat and Government Agencies & Bodies. It can be frustrating sometimes with certain civil servants, but we must try. Roped in your ADUNs/MPs and make proposals to help uplift your communities wherever you are. TIME TO REBUILD MALAYSIA. DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE POLITICIANS ALONE, they are too busy fighting internal and external political battles since 2008. CIVIL SOCIETY must rise up to the challenge and “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”
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LAUNCH on 22 December 2018 @ Dewan Civic, MBPJ

December 5, 2018


January 9, 2011



Elections are opportunities for politicians to convince the electorate why they should vote for them. Politicians do this by making promises and declarations of how the will make life better than their opposition politicians. GE12/TSUNAMI 2008 created a whole new landscape in Malaysian politics. Ordinary citizens are now more concern and engage themselves in issues and concerns that affect them and their families.

The cry for change by the oppositions gave much hope for the rakyat, and many voted for change. The BN after GE12 promised reforms to please the dissatisfied voters who voted opposition. Now just half way between the supposed GEs, we hear of a an impending snap General Elections! Neither the BN or PR have delivered their promises for change and reforms. PR Selangor Government have faced enormous sabotage by civil servants, the latest being the State Secretary appointment.

As a Selangorian, I appeal to fellow Selangorians to register our displeasure on the over-politicking by both coalitions and demand that both should take the remaining period of their tenure of their respective governments. What both the BN & PR coalitions should be concentrating is how to manage Federalism. The BN will never enjoy the total dominance they had in the past. The PR politicians have a greater responsibility that as perpetual oppositionists, to try to learn to govern the states they won since 2008.

To call for a GE13 at this stage of the nation’s transition to a more matured democracy is very irresponsible and waste of public funds. Funds that need to be use wisely and prudently, especially when the global economy is so unstable. We, as Rakyat, must hold all politicians accountable for their actions. As stakeholders who put the politicians where they now, we demand that they perform, make the necessary changes and reforms before thinking of calling for elections.

The Selangor Pakatan government need not call for state elections till 2013. The Selangor Pakatan should be humble enough to work with so many Selangorians who have offered their expertise and services to help the rookie ADUNs, MPs, Councilors and more importantly the State Exco members who have made one blunder after another.

As for the Selangor State Secretary appointment, it has been clearly revealed that the former State Secretary sabotaged the whole process by withholding the proposed names from the MB. The solutions is so obvious, but because of over-politicking many choose to be blind. Since the Federal Appointed former State Secretary made the blunder, the Chief Secretary can rectify the situation by declaring the appointment of Khusrin null and void. Then the proper process and conventions need to be followed. Why should the rakyat and the PR Selangor Government have the accept the consequences when it was the BN Federal Government employee who made the blunder. I rest my case.

Aloysius Francis Pinto

9 January 2011


February 6, 2010

The Bangsa Malaysia Organizing Team should make their own terminologies to develop Bangsa Malaysia in a way more in tuned with the aspirations of All Malaysians. This means that the traditional classification and ‘labeling’ based on Ethnicity and language should be discarded and more emphasis on the struggles and evolution of Malaysians based on common challenges should be the language to be encouraged. Taking the universal values inherent among the Founding Fathers as our starting point can help give direction to the process of identifying and documenting the evolution of Bangsa Malaysia.
We should be looking at the various stages of our struggles against external and internal challenges. Issues like fight against poverty and raising the economic well being of All Malaysians. The character dimension of all who contributed should be emphasized and not the ethnicity. Bangsa Malaysia is not a programme to create hegemony of any one race, one culture or beliefs. It should be about the characteristics of leaders and ordinary citizens being bridge-builders through the various joint-efforts in facing all the challenges since pre- and post-Merdeka.
Keeping in mind the varied orientations that Malaysians undergo, the different focus by different citizens should provide rich and diverse characteristics of a Nation still under-construction, with the common goal of creating Loving, Caring & Productive Malaysians from all sectors of life. There are numerous examples to choose from. When we put aside our political and ideological agendas, we will be able to see and experience the Unity in Diversity along with all the richness that’s inherent in most Malaysians. Singling out examples with identification by ethnicity should be totally discarded. Focus on what have/are/and will build a United, Just, Democratic and Progressive Nation capable of meeting the Challenges of Globalization, is enough? Too much time has been given to non-essential augmentative issues. We need to re-direct our energies for positive actions on Nation Building and not just highlighting the shortcomings of others.


March 28, 2007

bangsa malaysiabangsa malaysiaCalling ALL NGOs/CSOs, if you are looking for a way out of the persistent competent manpower issues in your organisation, you can invite me to make a presentation on the MALAYSIAN AGENDA FOR CIVIL SOCIETY. Until NGOs/CSOs (civil society organisations) get their act together most of the issues to address poverty and the needs of the needy and marginalised will remain pipedreams. After more than 27 years of hard R & D and many mini-pilots with various organisations, my team of professional with a big heart are ready to launch our very specialised services for qualified NGOs/CSOs.

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Hello world!

March 28, 2007